Tuesday, November 27, 2007

AM 107 submission and 108 blocking...


So the above video is what I turned in for the tailor assignment. It works ok but I think it could be a lot better. The feedback I got on this assignment was really good and I would really like to refine it based on the notes given by my mentor. Among the things she pointed out was that the flip to the side at the top of the arc is a bit hard to read because it's not getting a good silhouette. She suggested having him flip end over end which seems like the logical choice but I didn't even think of that until she mentioned it in the crit. Go figure. She also said that the bow at the end doesn't read because of the orthographic nature of the layout. I agree with her on this as well and I struggled with trying to get it t read properly when working on the shot. She suggested that I maybe have him settle a bit with one more bounce and then end it. I'll give it a shot. Hopefully this won't fall by the wayside while I'm working on my walk...


Last week I started blocking my walk. This is a two week assignment. We were asked to turn it in in blocking form and in step mode. The walk is supposed to be a "Vanilla Walk" which means it shouldn't have much character. We are supposed to focus a bit more on the mechanics of animating a walk and next week we will do a character walk. I actually really enjoyed digging into this one. I still feel like I am struggling with timing but this is really helping me grasp it a bit better. This week I will begin to spline it out and refine it. The image above the video is my Stu pose for the week. We were supposed to represent strength.

Thanks everyone for the feedback! It's really helping me try to push myself and keep moving forward.

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BrandoAbba said...

Hey Shane I haven't seen you in a long time! We all need to get together and have I night of games or something but Your Animation stuff looks great! I wanna learn some of the programs, you gotta give me some pointers! Hope to see you soon! Say HI to the Family !