Wednesday, October 17, 2007

DCA is getting revamped!!!

Disney's California Adventure (DCA) holds a special place in my heart. It was under construction when I was in the Disney College Program in the summer of 2000 and the excitement among the cast members was very high. I was working for The Disney Store in my home town when it opened and was able to attend the cast member sneak peak. Then when I attended CSUF I started work at Disneyland and then moved over to DCA to open A Bug's Land. It was at the opening of this new part of the park that I was able to meet and talk one on one with John Lasseter, one of my heroes. So needless to say I have some very fond memories of the park. With all that being said though, the park has been highly criticized since before it even opened and to be fair much of the criticism is valid. Much of that is going to change now though...

It has been rumored for a while but today Disney made it official with an announcement... They have set aside over 1 billion dollars, I feel like putting my pinky up to my face when I type that, to make vast improvements, changes, expansion, and upgrades to the park. I think its great news and I look forward to taking our kids to the both parks in the next few years. I'm very excited about the announcement and I am looking forward to what the Imagineers do with the park under the leadership of Lasseter...

You can read more about the project in this Wall Street Journal article.

You can also see more artwork in this PDF from Disney.

**Update 10/26/2007**

I Don't know how accurate it is but I came across this map of the planned expansion to the park. Very exciting!

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Andrea said...

This looks so exciting. I really want to take Sydney and share Disneyland and DCA with her sometime soon.