Friday, October 26, 2007

AM Session 104 Assignment: Two bouncing balls with different weights Part 1

This weeks assignment is to animate two bouncing balls with different weights. This one is challenging for me because you really need to know what your doing with the timing and spacing on the separate balls and you need to be very deliberate in what you are doing within the scene. It's challenging for sure but I feel like I am growing and learning. I would love any of your feedback. Here are a few things to think about when viewing the video... it's supposed to be a bowling ball and a Tennis ball. Ignore the color and sizes... do they feel like a bowling ball and tennis ball? Also note I don't currently have any rotation in the animation. I will layer that in after my timing and spacing is tighter in the shot. This week is CRAZY at work and free time is very slim but hopefully I can get something together that works well. Thanks!

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Levi said...

dude love the video. it looks great. i like the green one at the end about 110 on the timer when it rolls back a little. it looks exactly like it should.