Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tokyo 2016 Unvails Official Bid Logo

(Click image to visit the Tokyo 2016 Official Website)

London 2012 could learn a few things from this... First and foremost it looks like an Olympic Logo. Secondly the imagery calls to mind the city or the nations culture. Additionally, it also follows the rules set forth by the IOC for Bid City Logos. (Chicagos Logo for its 2016 bid apparently did break these rules by using imagery that resembled a Torch and is being redesigned before its official bid submission) The Tokyo 2016 bid committee commented on the logos unavailing saying...
This logo, our MUSUBI knot, integrates the values that underpin both the Olympic Movement and Tokyo 2016. It ties together sport and culture, urban and natural environment, Japan and the world, the world and peace. The Tokyo 2016 MUSUBI also represents a blend of our Olympic heritage and innovation. Our plan will demonstrate the power of the Olympic Games to deliver sustainable development. Our proposed use of Tokyo ’64 venues, which have been in daily use for nearly half a century, is our Olympic heritage. Our Olympic innovation will be the delivery of much needed new sports venues that will serve the sporting needs of Japan and the International Federations for generations to come.

I think Toyko is going to face an uphill battle with their bid unfortunatly. The vote is going to come in 2009, the year after China will have hosted the Olympics for the first time. On top of that the summer games in 2016 will follow the winter games to be held in Sochi Russia in 2014 which is technically part of Asia. If history is any indication the IOC likes to spread out the games geographically. Regardless, it would be great see the games held in Japan. Good Luck!

In other unrelated Olympic news...

The IOC announced it's intention to begin hold what it calls Youth Olympic Games. The games will be held alternately with the official games with the first youth summer games to be held in 2010 and the first youth winter games to be held in 2012. From an article on
The Youth Olympic Games, the flagship of the IOC’s strategy outlined for young people, will take place every second year, and includes other initiatives such as an education project on Olympic values, a dedicated website for youngsters and a campaign highlighting the Olympic values to young people.

About 3,200 athletes are expected for the Summer Games and 1,000 for the Winter Games, ages 14 to 18. Eight hundred officials will participate in the Summer Games and 580 officials for the Winter Games.

The sports program will encompass all sports on the program of the 2010 Winter Games and the 2012 Summer Games with a limited number of disciplines and events. Proposals from Sports Federations to integrate youth-driven disciplines not part of the Olympic Games may be accepted.

And lastly while this is a bit of old news I never posted it here so I figure now is as good a time as any... IOC announced that it is considering adding Skateboarding to the line up of games in 2012. From ESPN: "The International Olympic Committee said Friday it has held discussions with cycling's world governing body about introducing skateboarding as a discipline for the London program. Skateboarding events are part of the X Games, and the IOC is eager to modernize the Olympic program with sports and disciplines that appeal to youth. It has already added snowboarding to the Winter Games and BMX cycling for next year's Beijing Olympics." The article even suggests that Shaun White could make his way into the summer games if such a thing were to happen.

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