Thursday, February 15, 2007

Across the Universe Trailer

I promise that this blog will not devolve to just a bunch of embedded videos and I will post shortly about our recent trip to Mexico, but for the time being I wanted to share this trailer that I came across online. The film's called Across the Universe and is described as follows on IMDb...
An original musical film, Across The Universe is a fictional love story set in the 1960s amid the turbulent years of anti-war protest, the struggle for free speech and civil rights, mind exploration and rock and roll. At once gritty, whimsical and highly theatrical, the story moves from high schools and universities in Massachusetts, Princeton and Ohio to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Detroit riots, the killing fields of Vietnam and the dockyards of Liverpool. A combination of live action and painted and three-dimensional animation, the film is paired with many Beatles songs that defined the time.

Looks pretty cool. I can't tell from the trailer nor the description if this will be a musical in the traditional sense but I am looking forward to it either way. I absolutely loved what Julie Taymor did with The Lion King on Broadway and I'm eager to see how she handles this material.


Kenfield said...

I am really excited about seeing this! I'm also very surprised that of all people I know you posted about this. I've been a fan of Julie since her early days of theater in the early 90's. If I'm not careful I could go on and on about her but I'll save you the space on your comments area. Just last year Katie and I got to see Grendel, an original opera that she and her husband Elliot Goldenthal wrote. It premier at the LA Opera House.
Have you seen her other 2 films of Titus and Frida?

_Shane said...

Glad I can still surprise people!

While I have not seen Frida or Titus I have heard quite a bit about them and it's very obvious to me that Taymor has a very unique vision as an artist.

You going to be able to make it to the Oscar Party this year?