Monday, September 04, 2006

Roger Ebert: Awake in the Dark

I must say upfront that I don't always agree with Ebert's assessment of films. I do on the other hand love to read his books. I love the format, usually a collection of articles or essays, which is perfect for me because I tend to pick books up and read in spurts. This is the third book of his I have purchased, the others being The Great Movies and The Great Movies II, and I absolutely love them. Like I said it's not that I completely agree with him but what I like about his writing is the way he articulates things. The quote by Dave Eggers on the back of this book says it best,
Ebert is the most widely read and most trusted film writer in America because he is still, in some way, an amateur viewer - he goes to the movies as a pilgrim, ready to be amazed, wanting to be enlightened. He believe in the power of the medium, and has not, after all these decades, become the least bit calloused to it. And no one is more eloquent in expressing why and how the best movies work, and why they're so incredibly necessary.

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