Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall '06 movie I'm most looking forward to...

I don't know why but I have always had a soft spot for Bond. Maybe it's because my friends and I were so completely addicted to Goldeneye for the N64 in high school. And the honest truth is the movies really aren't that great story wise. Don't get me wrong though they can be a lot of fun but often it never really goes beyond that. We all have our guilty pleasures don't we? Well Casino Royale seems poised to raise the franchise to the next level, much like Batman Begins did its franchise. And much like Batman Begins did, I hope that Casino Royale is able to bring a fresh take on the series yet remain true to the character and his origins.

If I had to pick only one movie to see this fall, which I probably will, Casino Royale will most likely be my pick. That's not to say that I am not very excited about many other films as well. Among them are The Fountain, The Science of Sleep, Flags of Our Fathers, Children of Men, and The Departed.


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