Sunday, August 20, 2006

Finally caught up on 24!!

A few years after getting hooked on 24 we are all caught up to date with the series! We watched seasons 1-4 on DVD and this past season we had recorded on our DVR. And of course the dumb thing decides to start acting up when are ready to finish the season, it started randomly deleting episodes including the season finale!! We just bought the missing episodes on iTunes and finished up the season so that when the new season begins in January we will be ... well... all caught up. :)
If you've never seen the show I recommend it. Its fun addicting episodic television. It's not really that believable but its a helluva lot of fun to watch.
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Jak said...

Really? A few years?

_Shane said...

Yeah I bought the first season on DVD almost two years ago!

Anonymous said...

yea, you got your mom hooked and she got your aunt shawn hooked then aunt marcy...and the list go`s on!!