Monday, June 26, 2006

The Movies Game

I downloaded a demo of this game a while back but never had the urge to play it. Finally I played it one night and I could not stop. (I was forced to eventually because it was a demo) I showed it to my wife the following day and she loved it too. It's a simulation game wherein you are in charge of a movie studio. The game starts in the early 1920's and you are in charge of everything from the layout of the studio itself to the production of specific films. We ordered the game that day and have since received it and played it quite a bit. It's a great game! You should check it out. The "premiere edition" is available on for a dollar more than the standard edition. There is also a mac version available (and its a universal binary application!) If you pick it up let me know what you think. :)

Below is a fun video someone created using the game. They used the newly released Stunts & Effects expansion pack to achieve a lot of the complex shots.

The Ultimate Showdown!
by chrisedmond

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