Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ice Age: The Meltdown

I had the opportunity to see Ice Age 2 yesterday and while I wasn't blown away I did like it better than the first. My favorite part was the flashback with the baby Ellie (pictured above). Not only was she so cute but the scene had a lot of heart. In fact her character was the most appealing thing about the film for me. It was decent entertainment and it definitely had its funny moments but for some reason or another I just can't help feeling that it was rather unsatisfying overall. That won't stop it from making tons of cash though, the last I heard it was on its way to making around 70 million this weekend. I'm happy it did well because a hit is always good for the industry. Who knows, maybe I will enjoy it a little more upon a second viewing.

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Annie said...

I really liked it. At first I thought it was just entertaining but now that a few days have gone by I think it was pretty good. I like that story and agree that Ellie was the best character. I think the reason it is not in my personal best animated list is simply because it is more geared towards kids. Unlike some features in the last few years it was not very intellegent. Overall, I thought it was really fun and won't mind seeing it again some time in the future.