Friday, March 03, 2006

Sony BRAVIA Commercial

250,000 Bouncy Balls bouncing down the streets of San Francisco!! Amazing. The music is beautiful too.
You can find the song and more from the artist on iTunes here:
José González - Veneer
And you can find out more about the Ad here:

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Anonymous said...

Okay that commercial has nothing to do with the tv. Plus, we have those bravias on display at work and they are garbage! They have the worst picture quality of all of the lcds. They are super pixelated and have heavy dark outlines on every object on the screen. This is a common problem with most lcds so just buy a damn DLP and be very satisfied! Oh yeah just remember to buy the service plan for every tv you buy. Oh yeah Shane, Front Projection TVs suck big ones!

_Shane said...

Oh it has everything to do with television. What is that you may ask? COLOR! Its about color and accurate color reproduction is important. =)

As for the other stuff.. well I'm sure they're decent televisions. Most TVs aren't calibrated properly out of the box so imagine that's why they look so bad on the shelves at Best Buy.

And I'm sorry but if someone has a dedicated room a front projection setup is the best option. Its that whole "Home Theater" concept. :)

Thanks for stopping by Tim.