Monday, January 02, 2006

Settling In

We had a nice Christmas with our families. After all the celebrations were all said and done we moved to our new home on Tuesday of last week. My wife and I are both very excited and nervous about the next few months. I will be commuting to San Clemente until I finish out my time at Omation. I am looking for a new job in the Glendale Burbank area now and I hope to land a stable job with decent pay and hours. Our new home is quite comfortable. We are happy there. I'm looking forward to raising my daughter there. It feels more like a house than an apartment to me. It's a little smaller than where we were before but its the little things that make it a home. The hardwood floors, the yard, the garage, the neighborhood. We, my wife my daughter and I, had quite an adventurous year in 2005 and although these first few months will be challenging I feel positive about the things to come for us in 2006.

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Annie said...

Ditto all the way. I am looking forward to all that 2006 has to offer. Sydney growing and learning, new jobs, weddings, etc. Last year was so eventful I can hardly imagine a bigger year but somehow I feel like this year might give last year a run for its money (if you know what I mean).