Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More Thoughts The Pixar Acquisition

Cartoon Brew has posted some thoughts from people within the industry regarding Disney's acquisition of Pixar. Although there are some naysayers out there the over feelings I'm getting from everyone is that good things will come out of all this. We'll have to wait until the dust settles to know for sure how we will all be affected by this though.

The above picture was drawn by someone who wished to remain anonymous but he or she had this to say...
"As a former Disney Feature Animation artist, my initial reaction upon hearing the news was expressed in this little doodle. Just soaking it all in at the moment...I can't really see a downside at this point, given that it seems as if the creative reins at Animation are being handed over to Pixar. I almost have to pinch myself: John Lasseter is now Creative Head of both Disney Animation AND Pixar Animation Studios (and Principle Creative Advisor to WDI) !"

Here is an opinion expressed by Darin Bendall who was not as excited...
"What bugs me the most is that this is just such a slap in the face to any idea of artistic integrity. Over the years, Disney has transmogrified from an animation studio into a global empire of consumerism whose main product these days is some kind of vague sense of 'family-ness' or something. They've forgotten their roots to such a degree that they thought the reason nobody wanted to see Pocohontas 2 is that it wasn't, y'know, /computer pictures/. So shut the whole thing down. No wait, let's just buy the best animation studio out there, and then WE will be the best again right?"

Most of the people I have talked to around here at Omation are cautiously optisimistic. I think they're more concerned about downsizing and such than I am, but as I have said before I am optimistic and excited and I will continue to be for a while. I have set my sights now and I would love to work for the new Disney/Pixar unit someday. Who knows where my career will lead me but I hope that someday I will be able to work under John Lasseter. :0)

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