Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Making the Oscars

Since awards season is in full swing right now and Oscar nominations will be announced next week I thought it would be fun to share a little about the Oscars themselves. The BBC has posted a nice Photo Essay or "In Pictures" Story, as they like to call them, on the making of the world famous Oscars. It's not about the ceremony or the organization that puts on the show known as the Academy Awards. It is in fact about the process of actually creating the trophies themselves. From the article:

"The statues are cast in pewter alloy britannium before being treated with copper, nickel, silver and 24k gold. It can take up to a day to make each one at RS Owens studio in Chicago."

Find out more here:


gcastro3d said...

If i ever win one of these babies, I'll think of your blog :)


Jak said...

One of these days its going to be me thanking you up there, or vice versa, OR both of us taking turns thanking eachother...

Annie said...

I think that it would look nice in the living room.