Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Object of Desire

So Apple pulled a fast on everyone and announced new hardware only a month after they announced the iPod NANO. Boy am I excited about this stuff again. I love Apple and the attention to detail they put into their products. Well the one of the new gadgets announced and my object-of-desire of the moment is the new iPod that can play back video! How cool is that?! Music and Movies!!! They also announced iTunes 6 which offers the ability to download music videos and TV shows. A cool idea I’ll admit, but the pricing seems a bit…well…off I guess you could say. Both cost $1.99 each. So what this means is a music video which usually runs about 3-4 minutes costs the same a TV show which lasts about 45 minutes (Hour long show minus commercials). That doesn’t seem right somehow. But regardless I think the new iPod is awesome! You can put your own home videos on it and I’m assuming that you can rip your own movies and play them back on there as well. I am looking forward to checking one out at the local Apple Store as soon as they get them in. This is definitely going on my Christmas list! :0)


Ian said...

I just saw Apple's new offering as well. Beautiful!

You are very correct in your observation. The same price for tmusic videos and a full episode? Ridiculous. I think the music companies are starting to get a bit greedy. If not for my TiVo, I would make use of downloadable episodes of Lost.

The new iMac is great, but I'm waiting until Apple makes the switch over to an Intel chip standard before I upgrade my hardware. I am looking forward to that. Nicole and I have three Macs between the two of us and a wretched PC for games only. Having the ability to run Windows OS on a Mac in addition to Tiger seems interesting, but would I really want to? Eck.

Annie said...

Maybe Santa will get it for you. I think that you should wait for a widescreen one that is more geared towards movies. You know that once they start having movies on them you will just want it even more.

As far as the pricing goes it kind of makes sense. On the music videos you are still paying for the song and then you are paying for the video. On the other hand, for the TV clips you are just paying for video. Anyways, it might not be the reason but I was just trying to understand it. I definitely would like to have one in my household though. :o)

_Shane said...

I agree on waiting on the Intel Macs to upgrade. I'm looking forward to what Apple has in store for everyone over the next year.

You're right Annie if they do come out with a new one next year with a larger screen I will probably want that one too. Oh the perils of being a computer geek! There’s always something better on the horizon…