Thursday, October 20, 2005


Ok so I had a somewhat good day at work today but more than that I read some inspiring things online that make me so giddy inside about animation again that I can hardly contain it. I Love Animation!! I love everything about it! The creativity, the teamwork, the Art, I love it all!! First I read this Q&A with Pixar animator Carlos Baena:

Very inspiring!! Makes me consider taking another shot at actually animating?! :0)
Next up was the Blog from a student of the online Animation school
She has some pretty cool work but most exciting for me is seeing the learning process all over again. I've been out of school for a while and its easy to get tunnel vision when working 50 hours a week. A big thanks to her for sharing her in progress work online. And best of luck to you in the industry.
Lastly there was this interesting post on the Sweard Street Blog.
It is an interesting and well articulated, even though it's not an entirely new, take on the 2D Vs 3D debate that won't die. It's worth a look if you have a second.


ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

Annie said...

It is always good to get reminded why you are in the business. Keep up the good work.